Monday, September 26

Best dressed of the weekend- V&A a Milano
CatchingInstants, StockholmStreetStyle, TelegraphFashion
With the complete overload of street style it's hard not only to keep up with images and looks but also to even get excited about any of them.
New York and London are not that great when it comes to fashion insiders getting dressed to attend the shows but with Milan we start getting down to business as a sort of preparation that preps us for Paris.

I have blogged about Viviana Volpicella and Aurora Sansone quite a few times before. They are my absolute favourites when it comes to street style and they never ever disappoint. Milan is their territory and they really know how to own it.
I guess the best thing about Milan in September is that it is still warm there so editors and stylists can still have some fun with sandals and colourful short numbers. They will have time to impress us with their winter looks in February.

The lovely Elena Braghieri from Catching Instants is always there to capture V&A's best Milan looks, which she shares in her blog. It's thanks to her mostly that I get to enjoy street style even these days.

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Elena said...

You know, my blog risks to become monothematic :-) Thank you for your sweet words!! And hope to see you again!