Friday, September 16

Sasha Pivovarova covers Vogue Paris
Fashion Gone Rogue
I know I didn't post about the latest American Vogue cover with Michelle Williams as Marylin Monroe. I just didn't have time to say what a brilliant cover it was. In fact, I think it was the best one of the year! It would have made a much better September issue.

And now it's the October issue of Vogue Paris that's out. The cover is very them –simple pose, unfussy text. But I love what Mert & Marcus have done with the exposure of the picture. Something that would have been almost boring gets a kind of edge because of the sort of neon colouring, which works amazingly with the sequinned Atelier Versace dress and the bleach blonde hair.
I don't think it's one of Vogue Paris' best covers ever but I appreciate the fact that they play around with the aesthetic for every issue. That's more than can be said about most Vogue editions...

What do you think?

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