Sunday, September 25

SJP covers the first issue of ‘S Moda’ magazine
S Moda, edited by Prisa and Condé Nast, is the new Saturday supplement magazine from Spanish newspaper 'El País'. It launched yesterday nation wide in Spain and I am quite excited to take a look at it. While Spain is still not a reference in fashion its fashion magazines are starting to get a lot more attention.
And what better way to launch a magazine than with an exclusive cover shoot with Sarah Jessica Parker. I must admit I'm not, nor have I ever been, a fan of Spanish folkloric attire. But it somehow works this time. I like the fact that it hasn't been too literal throughout the editorial inside. The pictures of SJP in the black Gucci with the poppy petal details and the typically Spanish hat are quite stunning –kudos to Gonzalo Machado and Isabel Moralejo for the photography and styling.
The design is quite similar to T's, the New York Time's supplement, but who can really blame anyone for wanting to copy such a successful and referential magazine. Sally Singer is a genius.

Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on each week's new copy. This isn't even the paper that my parents read...

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