Wednesday, September 14

Bloggers choose Zara for Fashion Week
You might remember this shirt from my last Zara look book post. I loved it from the moment I saw it because it looked like such a delicate garment but the metallic ends of the collar added a cool edge in a sort of Far West way. It is what we call, in short, a classic with a twist.

Shortly after posting about it was going through Caroline's Mode blog and found a picture of her lastest buys, among which was the Zara shirt in question.
Today, going through's party section, I found a picture of Rumi from FashionToast wearing the same shirt to the Mulberry event that took place a few days ago in New York.

So it seems the blogosphere agrees with me and not only they like the shirt but they think it's Fashion Week-worthy!

Are you keen too?

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Frenchie said...

Yes keen but it's originally Nicolas Guesquiere's idea...but worth to buy in Zara... :)