Monday, October 17

American Vogue gets it right with the November issue
We already saw a preview of the cover over the weekend and I knew I would be happy with this one. Rooney Mara, shot by Mert & Marcus and styled by Tonne Goodman, covers the November issue of American Vogue. This is exactly what I would like the magazine to always look like –elegant and slick, with an edge.
I think the choice of Rooney for the cover is both expected and unexpected –the first because she already covered W and she stars in a blockbuster, and the latter because she doesn't have the typical look American Vogue usually has on the cover.
Tonne has done an excellent job on the styling. The cover dress, a black Ralph Lauren dress from the F/W11 collection, has that subtle sophistication you need for a cover garment and I love the dragon detail on the back, no matter what other people might think, it's witty.
The editorial inside (click below on read more to see) is even better. It's very much inspired by the work of John Everett Millais  and the Pre-Raphaelite movement. As tired as I've been of Mert & Marcus lately, I must say they've nailed this shoot. The way they always use colour is just right in this case. I am officially obsessed with this issue!


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