Thursday, October 27

Beyoncé’s fashion-filled ‘Party’ video
There was a bit of buzz this morning in the office as some of the die-hard Beyoncé fans watched the new 'Play' Beyoncé video. I've always been keen on Queen B but being around these people every day has definitely made me pay more attention.

You know how much I love some current high fashion on a music video so it's no surprise that I'm posting about this. I love the mix of high and low and the styling of all the rest of the cast including B's sister Solange and of Kelly Rowland.
After watching it a couple of times to do the screen caps I noticed a few of the shots were very similar to the editorial by Sharif Hamza that Beyoncé did for the Dazed & Confused July11 issue. This made me wonder whether this video was shot quite a few months ago (B doesn't look preggers at all), which would explain the abundance of SS11 and FW11 pieces that would have been a lot more new then.

In any case, it's a really amazing fun video –you can watch it here– and the great styling only makes it better!
Vevo screen caps,, TFS

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Joy said...

This looks like an incredibly gorgeously styled one hell of a music video.