Tuesday, October 4

Chic or not
Chic or not: The Geriatric Sandal
Yesterday, looking through the new collections from Paris, I found this pair of 'classic' flip-flops Stella McCartney included in her SS12 collection. They instantly reminded me of the style of shoe Christopher Kane chose a couple of weeks ago to show his collection in London.
I remember people were commenting on Christopher's shoes after the show. They were slightly confused  as to the reason why they looked like orthopaedic sandals for kids. Personally, though I can't see fashionable people wearing them, I thought they were interesting in the context of the show. They had that Tavi-esque quirkiness to them that doesn't appeal to everyone but is nonetheless intriguing.
Stella McCartney's feel more traditional in comparison. Like those 60's flip-flops your dad had for years and years and your mum made him stop wearing.

What do you think?

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