Saturday, October 29

Isabel Lucas covers Vogue Australia’s December issue
You know how keen I've become on Vogue Australia ever since their triple Arizona Muse cover of the October issue. It's a really interesting edition of Vogue not only because Australia's fashion scene is becoming more prominent every season but because they're seasons don't coincide with the mainstream of fashion. They don't really have a winter and they have summer coming at the moment.

Having Isabel Lucas on their latest issue was such a good move. This girl is the epitome of chilled cool fashion and I love how she mixes elements and experiments all the time. She looks really beautiful in the picture by Max Doyle.
I'm quite interested what they've done with the African theme that seems the be the focus for December –it's funny to think Vogue UK had that tacky picture of Giselle to celebrate the holidays. Fashion always tends to do the same things with African motifs and prints but having someone quirkier like Isabel on the cover makes me think they might have done something different.

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