Thursday, October 6

‘My week with Marylin’ trailer is out!
Vogue US
I finally have an excuse to post my favourite picture from the Annie Leibovitz pictures of Michelle Williams from the October issue of American Vogue. The trailer for 'My week with Marylin', the film for which Michelle was portrayed as Marylin on the cover, is out today and I just can't wait to watch it!
I am a sucker for biopics and period movies so I am absolutely positive I will love this. I am also a huge fan of Michelle since the Dawson's Creek times but also of Eddie Redmayne, who plays her lover in the film. I am also excited to see Emma Watson's part in the film as I still haven't seen her act in anything out of the Harry Potter franchise.
Check out the trailer below. Who would have said shy Michelle would make such a brilliant Marylin. She's got that same sexy sparkle in her eyes!

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Paloma said...

Creo que va a ser la unica pelicula de epoca que voy a ver! jajajaja

Estan muy bien todos los post. PA (progresa adecuadamente)