Monday, October 31

Raquel Zimmermann puts on her poker face for Vogue Italia
I love the fact that Vogue Italia is always the last of the Vogue editions to release their new covers. It makes them more memorable whereas I have to think a little bit harder to remember who, say, British Vogue put on their last cover.
I must say I am loving the November cover. It's very Vogue Italia and very Meisel but in the best way, not in the dull way we saw in October. It's funny how you would have thought that having Lady Gaga as main inspiration for a suit could be so obvious but works so well in this case. The styling by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele is absolutely spot on and, quite frankly, also pretty edgy for Vogue Italia.
I know this is going to be one of those covers that people either love or hate but I've always thought that's a good thing because it's at least strong enough to generate a passionate reaction.

What do you think?

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