Saturday, October 1

My favourite October 2011 covers
They say 'never judge a book by its cover' but I've never been keen on clichés. With a magazine it's exactly the cover that makes you decide whether to buy it. To me, it's about choosing a great picture that captures the most interesting piece inside.It's not about having every single story's title is on the cover. It really puts me off. So this month I've chosen my six favourite covers from the October 2011 issues.

My favourite is Harper's Bazaar Australia with Miranda Kerr. I love the pose and the styling. And I really like the different fonts and colours that make all the text work. I would say it' one of the best covers anyone's ever done in months.
I also really liked the Harper Bazaar Turkey cover with Lily Cole. The white dress with the metallic collar and the movement of the skirt read so well on the picture. The contrast with the brick on the back and the layout of text are great.
I was chuffed to find Elizabeth Olsen on the cover of Nylon. I feel like they're a perfect fit for each other. Though I do wish to see Elizabeth in high fashion mag covers soon.
Even though I'm not a fan of Tavi, I love the L'Officiel cover. I love the styling and the fact that a teenager is covering their 90th anniversary issue. It's kind of funny.
The Giambattista Valli peplum skirt is another cover hit. Even more so on Kristen Dunst. I just find it's a great cover to ease people into the FW11 collections.
And I loved Vogue Turkey because it shot FW11 LV in a non-boring way. No more navy and grey backgrounds to go with it, please.

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