Saturday, November 12

Christopher Kane SS12- Deck the tops
ChristopherKaneSS12, Know Wear
The Comunications Store press day was exactly the kind of place where you'd like to get lost. Not only because of its size (they took over half of Somerset House) but because the rooms where filled with some of the best SS12 collections.
One of the lines I was most excited to be closer to was Christopher Kane's –attending the show and interviewing Kane this season was one of my LFW highlights.
It was an incredible feeling to be able to touch all the pieces. The aluminium organza tops, which were extremely light, looked so expensive and chic. The embellished tops, in contrast, weighted quite a bit but I was simply amazed by the amount of work that must have been needed to hand-make these pieces to such detail.
The embellished bags are definitely going to be one of the hits from this collection for next season. They are perfect for a smart evening look but could look super cool with jeans and a Chanel-style jacket too. The same goes for Kane's embellished jeans, which reminded me to Lagerfeld's couture creations for Chanel's spring line.
I just can't wait for my favourite fashion editors to be sporting these looks for the FW12 fashion week season.


Adela said...

Stunning! Love Kane


Best of Dress said...

The dress on the model at the top was my favourite from this collection. The bead work is exquisite x