Friday, November 4

Tod’s celebrates the restoration of ‘Sciuscià’ in Rome
Courtesy of Tod's
The Tod's Group is probably one of the most socially and, most importantly, culturally active brands in fashion at the moment. If hosting events and launching new ranges of accessories in all the fashion capitals of the world wasn't enough, Diego della Valle and his brother Andrea are also funding the restoration of the Colosseum and they they recently sponsored the premiere of the 'Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel' film.
Now, adding to the list of reasons why we should regard the della Valle's as the modern Medici, Tod's is funding the restoration of one of Italy's most iconic films from the 1940's, 'Sciuscià'. The film by Vittorio De Sica translated as 'Shoeshine' in English is regarded as one of the masterpieces of neo-realist cinema and was awarded with an Oscar in 1947.
Last night, at the iconic Cinema Barberini in Rome, Andrea della Valle was joined by Mariasole De Sica, Brando De Sica, Giorgia Wurth, Mia Zanella, Claudia Zanella and Zhang Ziyi amongst other to celebrate this project.

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