Wednesday, November 30

Kate Moss channels David Bowie for Vogue Paris
Kate Moss channels David Bowie for Vogue Paris
It's funny that after talking about how let down I was by the latest Vogue Italia cover my favourite magazine, Vogue Paris, would release the front of their December/January issue.
Kate Moss, shot by what looks like Mert & Marcus, covers the latest issue channeling a bit of good old David Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust times with the orange hair –mullet included.
The whole pose, which I find a little odd, reminds me of that weird salute Tulisa does on the X Factor but also of the iconic Mert & Marcus cover picture for Industrie issue 3.
Even though I am not crazy about the punk vibe of the picture I can appreciate that Emmanuelle keeps trying to do something different on the cover. It's great to have Kate Moss closing the year –a year that, despite what many may say, has been great for Vogue Paris. Emmanuelle is definitely working on an aesthetic and style of her own.
I am surprised to find out there was no guest editor this time around, as it's usual every year for the last issue –guess the whole Tom Ford debacle made them weary about these collaborations.

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