Tuesday, November 8

Lady Gaga wears Mugler makeup at the MTV VMAs
JustJared, Mugler
The only fashion seemingly entertaining from the last VMAs this weekend was obviously Lady Gaga and her Paco Rabanne and Phillip Tracy hats. She wore two or three of each and looked down right ridiculous but in a very Gaga way, which makes it less ridiculous than it would be on someone else. On the bright side, the didn't fall over or seriously harm anyone despite the very limited vision.
What I did like, loved even, about her looks (especially the last one when her face was actually on display) was the Thierry Mugler makeup. I already posted about it a few weeks ago after the show in Paris because I was amazed by the Swarovski makeup on the lips and eyebrows. It complimented the collection so well, in fact, that I found it way more interesting than the clothes themselves. And it looked incredible on Gaga, or it would have, had it not been by her dazed odd grin posing for the photographers.

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