Friday, November 11

(Our friend) Laia Bonastre covers L’Officiel Maroc
L'Officiel Maroc
You might remember the beautiful face of Laia Bonastre from a while back when I posted about the Maguen 11:11 campaign video. Or it might be because of my uni editorial project from a few years back that I shared on the blog over a year ago. The truth is her face is one you must remember because you are most likely going to be seeing a lot more of it from now on.
Giulia and I first met Laia at LCF during a course we all took. We became such good friends she used to be our partner in crime before she decided to deprive us from her presence (ant the aforementioned stunning face) in London.
Now she graces the cover of the November issue of L'Officiel Morocco and I simply can't get over how incredible she looks. It feels like this is the 100th cover she's done and I just couldn't be more proud or more honoured of having her model for me (for free!) a few years ago. A Vogue cover is now just around the corner!

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Adela said...

She looks absolutely amazing. I remember her modelling for quite a few people when we were in that course. Good to see her career took off and she's doing so well.