Saturday, November 26

PR Consulting press day- The Row SS12
Know Wear
I already mentioned how much I enjoyed the PR Consulting press day a few weeks ago when I posted about Damir Doma and it's stunning chokers. One of the main reasons why enjoyed it so much is because they brought to London the SS12 collection of The Row. You know how big a fan of the Olsens and their work I am so I was ecstatic to be touching (amazing!) garments that might have been in close proximity to MK and Ashley.
Even though you could tell from the runway pictures that it was a very minimalistic mainly white-based collection you also guessed how exquisitely made everything was. Which is why it was so incredible to have a closer look at the collection. The cuts of the lighter pieces were both precise and delicately made and the embroidered pieces seemed like a herculean task for a human to achieve. The top, skirt and kaftan you can see on the top right picture were as heavy as they were amazing to look at. That's what wearing jewels all over your body must feel like.
I was also impressed by the accessories –the famous sold out crocodile bag and the more classic hand bags– particularly by the understated jewellery (very Ashley) and the sunglasses, after all that's what they know the most about!

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