Tuesday, December 6

Florence Welch covers the January issue of Vogue UK
Florence Welch covers the January issue of Vogue UK
Yesterday, when I opened the envelope carrying the January issue of Vogue my first reaction was good. I love the fact that Alexandra Shulman finally put Florence Welch on the cover of British Vogue. It also makes me very happy that the cover text has been reduced a little and that they've changed the fonts, it feels more neat and more expensive –more Vogue. The colours are also excellent. the greenish greyish blue works fantastically with the sort of brass gold and white fonts. So far so good.
The only problem, a big one, is with the cover picture itself. First of all, Shulman needs to realise there are more photographers out there other than Mario Testino, it's like she's got the Anna Wintour virus! But even that wouldn't bother me that much if it weren't for the ridiculous photoshopping going on poor Florence's face! Her skin is so airbrushed it's almost like it doesn't fit in her frame. And the pose doesn't really help.
Despite this flaw I will say that there is some hint at an aesthetic change happening at Vogue UK, which makes me happy. Hopefully this is only the start of a whole new array of 2012 covers.

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