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‘Marry the night’ and Lady Gaga’s influences
'Marry the night' and Lady Gaga's influences
Screen caps,, Zimbio
You know I am a big fan of dissecting videos. Whether it's only the fashion like I did for one of Beyoncé's last videos or laying out visually where Gaga got inspiration from for her Alejandro video I simply can't resist making a collage about it.
My favourite Gaga video to date has to be the Judas video. I appreciated the breakthrough of Bad Romance (especially the plethora or McQueen) but Judas was culturally interesting. He cleverly mixed references to Catholicism mixed with nods to popular culture.
For Gaga's latest Marry the Night video Nicola Formichetti and his creative team have done something similar but perhaps not as risqué as before. An 80's Madonna is probably the strongest influence of this new video. Followed by Fame, the über popular TV programme from the same decade. The perfectly timed choreographies in odd layers of tops were pretty much brought into fashion by the show. My favourite look from the whole video is the Atelier Versace embroidered light denim combo that reads surprisingly current and sort of reminded me of this.
Some of the other dance scenes were more reminiscent of Michael Jackson's videos. The dancing in backstreets is in keeping with the general 80's aesthetic of the video.
The only more forward-thinking looks in the Marry the Night video are the music-less opening scenes, which weirdly enough I quite enjoyed, the ballet shots of Gaga in a very Daphne Guiness hairdo and heel-less platforms, and the closing shot of the Fame Monster in one of the Paco Rabanne looks she wore at the EMAs this year.

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