Wednesday, December 21

My (dream) shopping list at
My (dream) shopping list at
1. Wool collar, 2. Wool crepe coat, 3. Sleeveless asymmetrical dress, 4. Printed jacquard skirt, 5. Printed jacquard coat6. Wool crepe appliqué top,
7. Resin flower necklace, 8. Acetate sunglasses.
Ever since I first heard of the launch of Marni's e-commerce site I knew this day would come. Once I had logged onto the website I could not stop until I had gone through literally every single category –both women's and menswear. To give myself a sense of purpose I decided to make a post of my favourite pieces. The funny thing is that, after doing this for a while, I found myself mentally dressing Viviana Volpicella. In my mind Marni and her go hand in hand.
One of the reasons why I love Marni so much is because it has such a genuine point of view and because you can always tell it apart from everything else without help from a tag. All the clothes and accessories have a real point of view and Consuelo Castiglioni has the best taste in the world when it comes to prints. But it wouldn't be fair to say that it's all about colour and funky prints. The more classic pieces like the black asymmetric dress to the right or the bomber jacket below are only shape-based. There is something so architectural and modern about the lines of the clothes and the way Consuelo uses colours and materials.
If, like me, you're a huge fan (Marni is a bit of a Marmite brand in fashion) log onto and take your pick! And while you're at it take a look at Anticamera, Marni's quarterly online magazine directed by Carolina Castiglioni. 
1. Techno fabric bomber jacket, 2. Salmon leather clutch, 3. Resin bracelet, 4. Resin, glass and brass necklace, 5. "Prouvé Dot" t-shirt, 6. Patterned cashmere cardigan, 7. Lurex jacquard dress

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