Tuesday, February 7

Davidelfin FW12- The first must-have of the season
Davidelfin FW12: The first must-have of the season
(Mercedes Benz) Madrid Fashion Week closed its latest edition last Sunday after its first year on the new schedule, which aims at including it into the fashion calendar. For the past few years it's clashed with London Fashion Week, which drove interest away.
I will have a highlights post later this week but I wanted to first share my favourite collection. Davidelfin has been my favourite Spanish designer for quite a few years. You might remember one of his best collections, spring/summer 2010.
What I like the most about Delfín's collections is the fact that his clothes look almost like a second skin, even on the runway. There is always a sort of ease to the way you wear his brand. Most of his pieces, always have a very interesting construction and a sort of forward-thinking feel.
My favourite part of the FW12 collection, entitled WILL, were the midnight blue leopard outfits. There is something super luxurious in the use of the material, which contrasts with the super simple cuts. I also love how the very dark hue makes the golden zips, studs and buttons really stand out. The jacket and the body-con dress are definitely a FW12 must.

PS. Don't miss this video of Alaska, Mario and Bimba (who you will only know if you're Spanish) performing at the end of the show. I love it!

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