Thursday, February 9

Get your ‘hospital green’ trousers on!
Get your 'hospital green' trousers on!, JustJared,
I am not a very daring person when it comes to colour even though I do love doing a sort of 'understated colour blocking' in the summer. Maybe it's the influence of living in the UK for so long but I tend to have a hard time wearing colours that are too bold.
However, for the last few years I've had this fixation with 'hospital green'. It started with a Acne jumper I bought a few years back. I started wearing it all the time because I felt like it made muted outfits quite interesting. Then Davidelfin launched his SS10 collection with 'hospital green' as it's main future. I wanted the whole men's collection but I was too slow and couldn't get my hands on any.
A couple of months later I blogged about this picture of Olivia Palermo in a pair of stunning DVF shorts. I then loved how she worked with the tricky colour. And that was it for then. Until today, that is. This morning I found a picture of Fergie (totally overdressed for the airport) looking great in a full-lenght pair of PVC 'hospital green' trousers. The colour seems to work great with baby blue, which makes me want to wear my jumper with a blue Oxford shirt.
Who said celebrities don't help the people?

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