Thursday, February 9

Gossip Girl Fashion- ‘The Back-Up Dan’
Gossip Girl Fashion: 'The Back-Up Dan'
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This week's episode of Gossip Girl picked up where last week's 100th episode left off, which usually means a slightly more exciting episode but no wardrobe changes. This time, however, we get a bit of a taste of both worlds.
It's odd because I only seem to get properly into the plot when things change 180 degrees every 30 seconds, which is worrying me, like I have a Gossip Girl-specific ADD. I just feel like now that there are no new characters and everyone's done everything with everybody is hard to surprise the audience.
Fashion-wise it was also a pretty good episode. The best moment was, of course, by Serena. Once she leaves Blair's wedding reception she covers her Vera Wang dress in the stunning lace Burberry trench from the 'Nude' collection. I was thrilled to see the trench hit the screen. I loved the look, with the organza train flowing out of the coat – one of the best looks from this season.
Blair has a (sort of) double hit this week. One for the Pre-Fall'11 Carolina Herrera dress she wears at the end of the episode – I can't emphasise enough how this is her style – and one for her I (heart) NY 'trackie' look at the airport. I didn't think Blair had it in her but it was a fun GG moment.

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