Thursday, February 16

Michael Kors FW12- Red, checks & amazing coats
Michael Kors FW12: Red, checks & amazing coats
I feel like Michael Kors' collections are getting better and better every season. Or maybe I am more and more of a sucker for preppy East-coast styles. Perhaps both. The truth is I absolutely love the FW12 collection. We see a lot of alpine style fashion in the winter collections but it's usually approached from a 'weekend getaway' perspective: a city girl who goes to the mountains and wants to be comfy but chic, blah, blah. This time it looks like Kors has flipped the tables. This looks more like a super sophisticated woman who lives in the country and decides to show everyone in the city how it's done.
The coats are, as you can see, my favourite. And I would always love a thick knit and flannel pant any day of the week. There is an ease to everything, like you can throw anything on and you know it will look and feel great.

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