Friday, February 17

Natalia Vodianova covers the new Vogue Paris
Natalia Vodianova covers the new Vogue Paris
I have realised today that as of the last few months it's only the covers of Vogue Paris that keep me excited every month. There have been fantastic moments such as the Adele one for the latest American Vogue or Kate Moss' double cover for W but there is always a certain element of surprise with Vogue Paris.
I hate the negative comments about how Emmanuelle Alt is not doing a good job as Editor-in-Chief because I feel like the magazine has become a lot more stable with her. I loved Carine's inner rebel but sometimes she did things just for the sake of it and they didn't necessarily make sense for the magazine.
The March cover can only be described as sweet & chic. NataliaVodianova looks stunning in the front picture by Mert & Marcus. And like in previous months it reminds me of past covers, it's almost like Emmanuelle is revisiting all their past hits.
The layout, which you know is always a bit worry of mine, is perfect this time. The headlines are intriguing, you want to know what's inside, and the white font works perfectly. But what really makes this cover, of course, it's the bubblegum pink header.

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