Wednesday, February 29

Taylor Swift covers the new Harper’s Bazaar Australia
Taylor Swift covers the new Harper's bazaar Australia
I cannot get enough of Australian magazines! Both Vogue and Harper's Bazaar Oz have been doing amazingly well over the last few months.
The latest HB hit is for the month of April, which Taylor Swift covers dressed in Gucci and shot by Benny Horne. Even though we have seen these Gucci dressed quite a lot on covers and events already I feel like this is the first time it's been used in a simple way that suits its art deco 20's aesthetic better.
I also admire how Taylor Swift stays true to herself. She's a conservative country girl whose looks can be borderline boring sometimes but I think she will be more confident as she gets older. For the time being, I love her on this cover. If only, I wish there was a bit more colour... but I guess autumn is coming in Australia now, so it makes sense for them.

Re. the latest Interview cover, I am speechless. I can't even post about it because if that is really Katie Perry she looks exactly like Raquel Zimmermann. We really need to put an end to ridiculous photoshopping!

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