Tuesday, February 28

Would you rather... Cate Blanchett on Harper’s Bazaar UK or Interview Russia
Would you rather... Cate Blanchett on Harper's Bazaar UK or Interview Russia
I feel like I haven't paid any attention to magazines during the last few weeks because of crazy fashion month. Today I was walking up (sunny!) Marylebone Street and stopped to look at a newsagents shop with all the latest covers on the window. I realised I had no idea of what was going on and I proceeded to catch up with things on the Fashion Spot when I got home.
As well an as amazing new issue of Vogue Italia with Joan Smalls looking stunning, I am loving the latest Harper's Bazaar UK double cover with Cate Blanchett. She is one of the most elegant women on the planet so it's no surprise both covers. She is also at the front of the March issue of Interview Russia. A very different photograph. But I am quite keen on what the magazine it's been doing since it opened and she looks so beautiful on it.

Catch up on more magazine news at Coco's Tea Party, she's incredible at keeping on top of things!

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