Wednesday, March 7

Chanel FW12- Karl does boho chic, backpacks & the ‘Boy’ bag gets an upgrade
Chanel FW12: Karl does boho chic, backpacks & the 'Boy' bag gets an upgrade
Ever since this Chanel Couture collection I have kept thinking how much cooler Chanel shows would be if Karl Largerfeld took it upon himself to Chanel-ify every-day casual clothes. I simply can't think of anything more luxurious to wear than a Chanel jean or a v-neck jumper.
The beginning of the FW12 collection was a little on the boring side, which made what was to come even more exciting. For the first time there were lots of vibrant colours on the catwalk. Lagerfeld presented his take on a super luxurious boho chic look that people like Mary-Kate Olsen would die for. I found the full-length tweed coats paired with capri snake pants extremely chic but also very relaxed. The same goes for the looks where trousers were worn with camisoles or unfitted dresses.
I loved the mix of colour the most –the scarves were beautiful– but also the lack of pretension. My other favourites were, of course, some of the accessories. The 'Boy' bag, which has become quite a hit over the last few months, got an upgrade for FW12 with bright yellow, green and aubergine velvet. The mini quilted backpacks were also a highlight and I know they'll, too, be a hit.

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