Thursday, March 29

A closer look at Giorgio & Emporio Armani FW12
A closer look at Giorgio & Emporio Armani FW12
Know Wear, Courtesy of Armani
This week I stopped by the Armani showroom in London to have a closer look at the Giorgio and Emporio Armani collections. It's brands like Armani whose focus is on subtle elegance that make press days worth it. Only up close you can see the incredible amount of details that all the clothes have.
I must admit that I was especially keen on all the orange pieces. Lately, Armani has a way of using very bold colours and making them so special. The knot dress to the right was a highlight as was the beaded jacket or the bag below. Speaking of which, GA's accessories were particularly strong this season with a lot of clean modern lines of architectural air.
I also loved the textures, which have always been an Armani signature. The velvet jackets and slippers (you know how much I love them at the moment) were some of my favourites. I also loved the colourful sequinned jacket, which would make an exquisite evening look even for the summer paired with simple black jeans and a t-shirt.

Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani
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