Tuesday, March 6

Fashion Week Favourites- Acne’s Fluro Jumper
Fashion Week Favourites: Acne's Fluro Jumper
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As you know one of my favourite things to do during the fashion week month is looking at what everyone is wearing and finding popular, if ephemeral, trends. Last week I posted about the Reed Krakoff bags at New York Fashion week but today it's all about a jumper.
If I am not mistaken it was Kanye West who was first spotted wearing the Acne fluro knit during London Fashion Week. I must say he did look great in it and wore it pretty much how I would have (sans golden chains, of course). The other spottings of people in the jumper also happened during LFW. Funnily enough, after Kanye having his moment a few months ago in a Céline womenswear chemise this time women took to the menswear Acne knit.
Even though I absolutely loved the head-to-toe 'hospital green' look I can't figure out whether these people already had a wardrobe full of pieces in this colour or if they went and bought them to wear a sort of 'underliner total look'. In any case, I would say that apart from neutral colours, this is probably the most chic bold one to do a monochrome outfit with.

Are you a fan?

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