Wednesday, March 7

Louis Vuitton FW12- Is Marc Jacobs a Harry Potter fan
Louis Vuitton FW12: Is Marc Jacobs a Harry Potter fan?
To be completely honest, I have never really understood what is all the fuss with Marc Jacobs. I have really liked some of his past collections and I appreciate how he's turned his name into a sort of modern-day fashion empire but his collections are usually too gimmicky for my taste.
I never posted about his namesake FW12 collection because, despite the few very nice jackets, it was some more of the same we usually see from him. Getting people's attention for being loud and, frankly, even silly at times seems to have worked all this time. But I still don't understand why everybody loves Marc.
The latest Louis Vuitton collection was shown this morning in Paris. Even though I am usually not too keen on this line either it's usually where we see Jacob's finer work. Despite, again, a few very nice coats or embroidered outfits it was all really gimmicky –full of big plastic buttons, bellboys carrying bags and more silly hats. The only scenario where I can see any of these work is in a high-fashion version of Harry Potter. The LV hats would make a dashing 'Sorting hat' substitute and the bright coats with oversize rounded lapels would make Sybill Trelawney flutter.

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