Monday, March 12

MaxMara Atelier FW12- Luxury to last forever
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MaxMara Atelier FW12: Luxury to last forever
It was clear to me only with look #1 from the first ever MaxMara Atelier collection that this was a collection for the elite. Or for those who believe in quality investments and not in ephemeral trends that, while they may make a statement, don't stay around for too long.
What I love the most about the line is that it seems really forward-thinking to me. A lot of designers and fashion houses are launching custom made services for clients who enjoy exclusivity and quality but this MaxMara line seems to want to create something extremely luxurious in an off-the-rack way that I find to be genius.
And the clothes are amazing. My favourite touch are the smoking slippers, which are quickly going from being a trend to becoming a wardrobe staple everyone has. It was a very Audrey Hepburn collection of understated elegance but had also very modern touches such as nylon panels or the adjustable hemlines on the trousers. The highlight, I guess, were the woollen coats of very classic cuts in either straight-line or A-line shapes.

So I guess the success of the brand now depends mainly on the retail price. Would you wear MaxMara Atelier?

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