Tuesday, March 20

Roksanda Ilincic FW12- “Cozy Luxury”
Roksanda Ilincic FW12: "Cozy Luxury"
One of the best feelings to have during a fashion show is surprise. There is nothing better than sitting in a room not knowing exactly what you're about to see. If the surprise is a good one you've got a winner. This is exactly what happened to me last September when I attended Roksanda Ilincic's SS12 show. I was completely in awe for its duration and even now can say it was my favourite show of the season.
So it goes without saying that I couldn't wait to see Roksanda's FW12 collection last February during London Fashion Week. I had great expectations, which can make the surprise go either way, Luckily the collection was another hit –ultra sophisticated and a breath of fresh air.
My favourite thing about it were the sportswear details like draw strings, hoods and sweatshirt necklines incorporated in luxurious evening astrakhan dresses with fur hemlines or exquisitely tailored tweed coats. And the women around me seemed to agree with me.
They were also very wearable clothes –something that Stephanie LaCava proved not only once but twice. The cocktail dresses with gathered details were perfect for work, a dinner or a party and the coats and jackets (the blue astrakhan bowler was a highlight) were just as versatile.
And to top it all off the music was simply perfect to accompany a stunning show.

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