Monday, April 30

Angela Lindvall covers the new Harper’s Bazaar Turkey
Angela Lindvall covers the new Harper's Bazaar Turkey
It makes me so happy to see how well some of the international titles of the big fashion magazines are doing at the moment. This time Angela Lindvall covers the May issue of Harper's Bazaar Turkey in stunning photography from Koray Birand.
It looks like the Turkish version of Harper's has also started doing double covers, which is no wonder considering how well the format does in the UK. The newsstand cover has nothing to envy a Vogue Paris cover and puts to shame some of the latest English and American covers. The styling, hair and make up and the pose are of the highest standard. I can't see why Angela wouldn't cover a big book soon.
My favourite, of course, is the susbcribers' cover. It's so crisp and sophisticated with the Jil Sander hat and those stunning earrings whose I am yet to identify. I can's possibly say how much I love this cover. Let's hope they keep the incredible work up!

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