Thursday, April 12

Giles FW12- Anna Karenina on Fire
Giles FW12: Anna Karenina on Fire
Know Wear,
I am taking my time posting about the FW12 collections I saw in London because I don't like rushing all the posts in a short week. This also gives me more time to think about the things that I liked.
It was amazing to me to see the evolution of Giles' brand from young and playful to ultra sophisticated. To me the whole vibe of the FW12 collection was very Anna Karenina – someone please make Keira Knightley wear one of these to the premiere! – or even the decadence and downfall of the Tzars. My favourite part were the white chiffon dresses, which had a burn effect the designer had created by using layers and Swarovski crystals. Some of these numbers also included feathers in the same colour palette that, when in movement, did actually look like they were on fire. There was something ominously beautiful about the whole collection – as if a princess had run away from her castle in flames.
I was most impressed by the craftsmanship. From the effects on the chiffon to the similar ones on the satin blazers (can I have a menswear version?) to the thorn crown detailing on an mustard evening dress the collection was like an exquisite exercise of arts & crafts.

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Katja said...

i think the burned details work on some outfits but on some it just looks silly! i don`t know, maybe it`s just me :)