Monday, April 23

Keira cover face off- Interview Germany vs. Interview US
Keira cover face off: Interview Germany vs. Interview US
I used to find quite odd, even annoying, finding recycled covers or editorials on international editions of magazines. After reading a bit about it and trying to look at the covers with an open mind I actually realised that some of the new versions were a lot better than the originals.
It has happened again. For their May issue cover Interview Germany have borrowed the Mert & Marcus story from April's Interview US. I was a big fan of the original cover – especially of the cheeks – but I didn't love the colours.
I really like what the Germans have done for their cover – the post is a lot more relaxed, the detail of the cigarette and the trench coat with the collar up give it a sort of 'femme noire' vibe. And the layout is unexpected and super colourful, which contrasts with the black and white picture.

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Anonymous said...

i voted for the us version simply because i can't stand the promotion of smoking as a sexy look/habit.
keira looks lovely in both, however...