Tuesday, April 17

Mary Katrantzou FW12 & the No. 2 HB Pencil skirt
Mary Katrantzou FW12 & the No. HB Pencil skirt
Style.com, Courtesy of Swarovski
It is incredible how much hype there was around the Mary Katrantzou this season. The show, which had that tricky 9am start toward the end of London Fashion Week, had everyone queuing for coffees at the Top Shop venue well before the show. Everyone from Anna Wintour to Alexa Chung took to their seats with plenty of time to pose for their front row pictures.
The FW12 collection did not disappoint. Despite being the season of paplums, Katrantzou's expertise, the designer stayed away from her signature shapes to try new less rigid ones. We saw a lot of chiffon – the mini dresses with the flowing trail were a highlight – and once again the prints and embroidery, which is becoming more and more prominently integrated in them stole the show.
My absolute favourite piece was the HB pencil dress. I just loved how the pencils had been manipulated and how by playing with their colours it seemed only logical that the skirt finished with a ruffle. There were also clock prints, typewriter keys, telephones and cutlery. But everything so beautifully digitally put together that you would only realise after looking closely.

Take a look at my video of the finale below.

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Missy said...

How fabulous is that collage. I would wear those pieces everyday if I had the chance. Just beautiful.

xx Missy