Wednesday, April 11

Three Summer trends Zara’s got right this season
Three Summer trends Zara's got right this season
For some reason I haven't posted about Zara in a while, which is weird because it's one of the few highstreet shops I regularly check online. As I've said many times before I love their monthly look books because they give you a chance to ease into the change of season.
The April look book recently came out and I am in love with half of the pieces. Everything is super chic, very cool and so easy to wear, which are the three ingredients for a perfect spring look. As per usual, Zara is right on the money when it comes to trends. My personal favourite is, of course, the red peplum skirt – a perfect buy for anything from a cocktail party to a night out to a fun work ensemble.
The Spanish brand is also quickly becoming super popular for their jackets. They keep producing these Chanel-esque light jackets that suit everyone but that look completely different depending on the girl.

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