Monday, May 21

Glamour Spain recycles the Lana del Rey cover
Glamour Spain recycles the Lana del rey cover
TFS, Courtesy of Glamour
You know how fascinated I am with magazines recycling previously published covers and editorials. This time Glamour Spain has reused the Lana del Rey cover from Vogue UK's March issue. It's funny because they've barely even touched the image – only cropped it one or two centimetres. They have also kept the colour scheme Vogue used, although they added some yellow that looks quite tacky.
The story inside is almost identical to the original one, if shorter. I am quite disappointed because when magazines do this 'recycling' I expect them to add a different twist like Vogue Korea or Vogue India have done in the past. Why just reuse it if you're not trying out something new or interesting?

How do you feel about 'editorial recycling'? Do you like Glamour Spain's cover?


Duck said...

Woah, I had no idea magazines did this! But then again I almost never buy magazines.

Anonymous said...

Tienen recursos suficientes como para no tener que repetir. Pero bueno, poca gente se da cuenta de estas cosas :)