Tuesday, May 15

June cover swimwear face-off- Vogue Deutsch vs. Vogue US
June cover swimwear face-off: Vogue Deutsch vs. Vogue US
Yesterday American Vogue released their June cover and editorial centred around the London Olympics. Hope Solo, Ryan Lochte and Serena Williams shot by Annie Leibovitz jog on the beach for 'Team USA'. Vogue Germany also released their June cover featuring the beautiful CArolyn Murphy shot by Alexi Lubomirski.

I don't even know where to begin with the American Vogue cover... The picture is so gimmicky and unnatural i just can't deal. It's almost like the conservative version of a Men's Health cover. I just don't understand how it was so difficult to come up with a fun and clever concept for a sports issue, especially if you consider that so many of the new collections are so heavy with sportswear elements. The colours are also a bit dull (even the sea!) and the swimsuits (very Michael Kors) are super dated.
Vogue Deutsch, however, celebrates their love for summer, curves, fashion and stars with a stunning shot, great styling and amazing colours that really evoke the new season.

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shararehali said...

Hi, good you mention this. I live in Germany and a friend gave me an American Vogue subscription for a year. Before that I thought the german version was boring. Despite always really good foto editorials there was nothing than add in it, nothin worthy at least for the 5 Euros. But after 5 months of American Vogue I know there is even worse. Now I think the germans are even edgy in comparison and I would have preferred theirs. What a waste of money. Only the Italians are doing a Vogue I would lay a hand one.