Tuesday, May 29

Rachel Weisz covers the new British Vogue
Rachel Weisz covers the new British Vogue
Vogue UK's covers have been incredibly hit and miss so far this year. I honestly don't understand how you can create beautiful and simple shots like these and terrible ones like Sienna Miller or the Adele one last year.
Thankfully, the July issue is back on track with a stunning Rachel Weisz shot by Alasdair McLellan. I love the contrast between the blue of the jumper and the bright red of the chair and hot the orange adds an extra pop of colour. It might not have the strongest Summer feel – it would have been a great October cover – but it is super chic and it feels British to me.
I am super curious to see what the inside story is like, especially in terms of styling. I am hoping for a simple and elegant shoot in the country side with cozy jumpers and maxi skirts sipping coffee on old wooden benches.

What do you think?

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