Thursday, June 14

Cruise 2013- The best bits so far
Cruise 2013: The best bits so far
Is it me or have the Resort collections never been this good? We always knew that this and Pre-Fall were the most important collections commercially because they're the ones that stay on the shelves for longer, and hence make the money. But a few years back I was the first one complaining about how bland and pointless they were.
Well, I am changing my tune. Cruise 2013 is full of hits and excellent pieces! Balenciaga's collection was full of great ideas – cleavage cut-outs, hello? But I was especially keen on the footwear. The bow effect Ghesquière created on the bicolour leather boots might just make these as big a hit as his gladiator boots were back for SS08.
I also fell in love with Bottega Veneta. More precisely, with their tracksuits. I can solemnly swear that I have never, nor will I wear a tracksuit outside a gym but these are so cool. There's a 70's vibe to the colours and lines that, together with the nice fabric, makes it chic – there, I said it. These would have been so perfect for Farrah Fawcett in Charlie's Angels.
Michael Kors is doing great stuff at the moment. His Resort collection has this perfect balance between the relaxed relaxed and the super luxe – reluxed? I especially like the gold pieces: lamé, lace and knits that are just timeless.

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