Sunday, June 17

Emma Stone covers the latest American Vogue
Emma Stone covers the latest American Vogue
So it turns out we really didn't have to wait until tomorrow to see Emma Stone's American Vogue cover in HQ.
I have either been dissing or ignoring the American Bible for the most part of this year because it really plays it safe sometimes. It is a shame because it used to be one of my favourite magazines. And it ¡'s exactly issues like this – July 2012 – that remind me why.
Mario Testino shot an absolutely Stunning Emma Stone for the latest issue. The background is soft and looks great against the sexy Nina Ricci ensemble on Stone. This semi see-through black lace is not often seen at the front of American Vogue... and I love it! Emma's face is flawless, of course. I really like how they've brought our her eyes between the background colour and the eye makeup.
The editorial inside is also quite interesting. There's a quirky theme going on that makes me think of stories from Vogue Italia. Anna is really going European on this issue. My favourites are her in Prada, in a lovely Versus number, and two super sexy looks – one by Givenchy and the other by Jil Sander.

What do you think of the cover?

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