Saturday, June 16

Joan Smalls covers the latest issue of W
Joan Smalls covers the latest issue of W
People have been especially keen on leaking some the July covers this week. We normally get a couple of very blurry and odd-coloured camera phone shots a few days the magazines release them officially. However, this week we already saw quite a few previews of the latest American Vogue cover featuring Emma Stone, which I am very excited to see. While we will probably have to wait until Monday to see the high-res version, W's newest cover has already been leaked in all its glory.
A stunning Joan Smalls, shot by Steven Klein, covers the July issue of the magazine. Quite a few people on The Fashion Spot forums have mentioned how much she looks like Tyra Banks but I personally disagree. Tyra's got nothing on Joan, as far as I'm concerned. I love the golden hair, the amazing makeup and the ruffled white lace.
The editorial inside includes Karlie Kloss, who fronts the other cover of this issue. I can't quite tell which way the styling will go but guessing from the cover title – "The new face of fashion" – I'm hoping for an effortless supermodel vibe.

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