Sunday, July 22

Marion Cotillard steals the August covers
Marion Cotillard steals the August covers
TFS, Courtesy of Glamour España
Just as it happened last month with Emma Stone, Marion Cotillard has taken over the August issue cover of some of the most important fashion magazines around the globe. There seems to be a common thread that links them, which is how natural Marion looks. Something similar happened with Emma – these are not women who enjoy (or need) too much photoshop or makeup.
The first to come out was the WSJ magazine with its avant-gard feel. They've been doing such a great job lately – remember this incredible cover? Vogue Paris followed shortly afterwards. I received the issue yesterday morning and it's simply incredible how stunning such a simple idea can be. I was pleased but surprised to also find her on the cover of American Vogue because they always seem to have the exclusive way ahead of everyone. I liked how they kept things simple although I would have appreciated some copy editing on the cover. Glamour Spain went for a more young and sexy take but it's amazing how natural it feels to Cotillard. ELLE South Africa captured her best, in my opinion. She looks effortlessly beautiful, fresh and natural. And I love the contrast of the casual pose and the super chic red dress.
Which one is your favourite Marion Cotillard cover?

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Lou Lou said...

I agree that the Elle cover looks best, and the WSJ comes a close second for me. She's such a stunning woman! xx