Tuesday, July 3

First look at the Atelier Versace Jewellery collection
The new Atelier Versace Jewellery collection
Courtesy of Versace
Yesterday, on my post about the Atelier Versace collection I said how excited I was to see the jewellery line that the house was also launching this week. From the shots of them I had seen from the show I knew that they were going to be bold, ornate yet timeless.
And today we can finally take a closer look at a few of the pieces, which seem to be mostly rings as it could be guessed from the show. As you might have expected, gold and rosé gold are the common thread on the collection, after all this is Versace. The golden frames are quite intricate and hold statement stones that look almost like regal pillows and are often decorated with diamonds.
I am still waiting to see some of the emerald and sapphire pieces. Green and blue are two of my favourite colours in jewellery!

What do you think of the Atelier Versace jewellery collection?

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