Thursday, August 30

Kate Hudson shuts it down at the Venice Film Festival
Kate Hudson shuts it down at the Venice Film Festival
I have never thought of Kate Hudson as a particularly fashionable celebrity. She rarely dresses up to go out and hang out with her kids. She also usually looks quite cool in her slightly wacky laid back outfits. In other words, I am a fan of her naturalness.
I guess that is the reason why she really makes an effort and gets dressed for an event I am often quite blown away. Such is the case of her appearance at the Venice Biennale yesterday. Venice, like Cannes, is one of those times when we're treated to a double dose of fashion every day as stars also do day appearances.
For her morning event, Kate went for a Gucci Resort look that had Rachel Zoe written all over it! Not a lot of people can rock a flared trouser but Kate is one of them. I love how hip she looks in the suit and the sort of military vibe that the khaki top introduces. Not to mention her hair looks amazing here.
For the evening, Kate slipped into a super sexy Atelier Versace number. I am usually not a huge fan of skin/nude tones on gowns because they can wash out on the wearer but this looks incredible on Kate. Not to mention the beautiful silhouette it creates. Hair, makeup and accessories are spot on. All thanks to Zoe, no doubt.

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