Monday, August 13

Victoria Beckham wears Giles to the London Olympics closing ceremony
Victoria Beckham wears Giles to the London Olympics closing ceremony
I actually never thought I would be devoting a full post to Olympic-related fashion news, let alone writing about them past midnight. But I am.
The London 2012 closing ceremony took place tonight – it was technically yesterday? – and pretty much the whole world was watching. And tweeting. I, for one, was alone at home but I did not feel bored for a single moment. Except, perhaps, when George Michael performed that godawful song no one knew.
The fact of the matter is that the Spice Girls reunited for an incredible, if slightly brief, performance at the Olympic stadium. I do believe that a big percentage of viewers had tuned in only for them. I wasn't one of them. I tuned in for Victoria Beckham. Not only she has turned out to be the most successful of the 5 but also the sexiest and chicest. For her performance she rocked a customised Giles gown from the FW12 collection. I was pretty excited because it was one of my top 5 collections from the last London Fashion Week. I love the fact that it took the 'black mini dress' concept that Victoria (Adams) was famous for and transformed it into a fashion-forward ravishing choice.

Check out the Giles FW12 collection here and click below on read more to see more pictures of Victoria's fierceness from the closing ceremony.


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