Tuesday, October 2

A closer look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue office in Glee
A closer look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue office in Glee
The creators of Glee are really pushing the guest stars on the new season of the show. In the three first episodes only we've had a double Kate Hudson cameo (please don't let this be it) and an Sarah Jessica Parker one. Of the latter, we have heard much over the last few months as she plays a Vogue.com editor, something that had to be okay-ed by Anna Wintour, evidently. It was also Anna who chose SJP's clothes for the show – a Faster than Paris tartan dress, which was cool and much after Anna's heart but also something SJP would wear.
The episode is, obviously, not to be missed and even includes a musical number with SJP in it. But I was almost more amazed by her office in the show. Not only it included some amazing furniture but the  set and art direction even included some high fashion props I personally really appreciated. Please note the Hermès tea cup and saucer on the desk close to a purple Prada doctor's bag from the FW12 collection. But my favourite, by a mile, was the Myriam Schaeffer bag lying on the sofa at the back – have they, perhaps, been reading Know Wear? I love it when TV is fashion-forward.

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