Tuesday, April 10

the SPEARS wears PRADA

What a world! What A world!
The list of the dumbest americans has come out today. And guess who is at the top? Oh yeah! My dearest Britney.
While Britney is the first one, she is obviously not alone. Right after her come Miss Paris “That’s hot” Hilton, Michael Jackson, George W. Bush, O.J. Simpson, Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. So ok, what I can learn from this is that not only Mr. Bush is not at the very top, but that the voters have chosen shaving off hair as the dumbest thing over sending hundreds of people to die in a war which was senseless in the first place.
But all this is really starting to make me tired. I don't quite understand why everyone needs to keep doing this kind of stuff to her. Oh right, having post-partum depression and being half-alcoholic isn't anything, my bad. But I whink that by now she has already learnt to go out with the anti-shit unbrella wide open; that must be a hell of an umbrella.
Unfortunately for those who wished for her to be freed too soon from rehab, and fortunately for her huge crowd of faithful fans, Brit-brit is doing super fine. Since she came out of the Promises center looking thiner, healthier and, most important, happier, it's been all a nice pleasant walk. Two days ago she attended for the third time to the Lakers game and how happy it made me seing her wearing a gorgeous mini dress by Prada, specificly from the Spring/Summer 2007 collection. Thank God for illuminating her so we don’t have to keep watching tons of pictures from her wearing the cheapest and ugliest Target and Wall-Mart dresses —tag included.
I hope Britney can finally find the right path and stay in it so she can soon provide us again with her unique light.

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